“I want to thank Dr. Rothschild and all his assistants for making my Novasure experience a fantastic experience...Everyone explained everything to me, and it happened just as it was explained. I truly felt like a family member instead of a patient...Thank you Dr. Rothschild and Capital Women’s Care!” - DH


Dr. Rothschild is not only a very intelligent man but he is a very gifted surgeon..  If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be alive today.  This man not only discovered that I had a rare cancer (malignant fibroid tumor- which 99% of the time are benign) but the incision from the C-section he had to perform in order to remove the tumors without contaminating the rest of my abdomen left a scar any plastic surgeon would envy!  This is the kind of doctor that gives you his cell phone number to give you a piece of mind when you are going through a rough patch.  I have tremendous respect for him.  I feel lucky that I was in his hands at the time of that surgery. 


“ I really appreciate your professionalism, positive approach,  sense of humor, and how you relate to your patients in a friendly way ...  As a doctor, you are very calmingand reassuring (especially to a Type A like me whose brain does not stop).  And very importantly, I appreciate you taking my initial results seriously and not being too conservative in follow up.  You have made a difference.”  -FW


"This doctor had the best bedside manner of any doctor (of any specialty) I've ever seen. He was personable and    reassuring while being straightforward and focused on the science and treatment of my situation. He also was thoroughly informative; he used layman's terminology and drew an illustration to ensure that I fully understood what he was explaining. I feel like I lucked out in finding him, but a good friend had highly recommended him to me so I was not surprised by my positive experience."  -Christine in Fairfax
I had seen Dr. Rothschild a number of times over a 17 year period, but not in the last 11 years for a number of reasons. He was exceptionally kind on my first visit, years ago, when I was nervous after driving an hour to get there to see a new doctor for the first time. I was sent by a friend who was a patient. Sometimes he can seem a bit rushed due to the pressures of the job or other patients, but he still makes time for a consult after the exam. I hate stand up and extremely rushed appointments. Recently, I returned, not knowing if he would remember me. He did and was still the same basic person, concerned and mannerly, like someone who was raised exceptionally well. I always look not just for a good doctor, but someone who is also a good person as well. I would go to him for primary care if I could- RateMD 2/2016