Clothing and Repellents to Protect from Zika

Several tools should be considered to prevent mosquito bites that could potentially transmit the Zika virus. The CDC recommends permethrin treated clothing or sprayed with DEET repellents. Several clothing manufacturers sell permethrin pre-treated clothing. These include LL BEAN's crew shirt sold pre-treated which received top ratings from Consumer Reports. Alternatively, you can purchase your own clothing, purchase Permethrin and treat your clothing yourself. Here are the instructions for treatment quoted from the August, 2016 issue of Consumer Reports:

1) Spray before you wear. That's essential if you use permethrin. And though it's okay to apply other repellents when you are already wearing the clothes, you will probably do a better job if you spray while they are on a hanger. Then let the clothing dry before wearing it.

2) Choose the right clothing. Look for tightly woven fabrics; it's more difficult for mosquitoes to bite through them.

3) Test first. Repellents can harm fabric, so try spraying them on a small area first. Repel Lemon Eucalyptus was easiest on fabrics in tests.

4) Wash Carefully. Clothes treated with repellents should be washed at the end of the day. And permethrin-treated clothing should be washed separately so that the chemical doesn't get onto other clothing.

Another option or additionally, the clothes can be sprayed with a DEET containing repellent when being worn. Remember to reapply to your clothing after each washing. (Permethrin need not be reapplied for 25 washings). The CDC recommends using DEET repellents even if pre-treated with permethrin. Pictured are the repellents most highly rated by Consumer Reports.