WHO Recommends Longer Zika Virus Precautions


The CBS Evening News (5/31, story 9, 0:35, Holt) reported the World Health Organization said the Zika virus remains in the body “longer than first thought,” recommending those who’ve been in areas where Zika is found “practice safe sex or abstain for at least eight weeks, not four.” NBC Nightly News (5/31, story 6, 0:25, Guthrie) reported that men who showed Zika symptoms “are now advised to wait six months before trying to conceive with their partners.”

        The AP (5/31) reports that the WHO also “says sexual transmission of Zika is more common than first thought.” As a result, the health agency has updated its recommendations, saying that couples or women planning on pregnancy in Zika-infested regions “are strongly recommended to wait at least eight weeks before trying to conceive.” The WHO had previously recommended “a four-week minimum period before trying to conceive in such circumstances.”

        CBS News (5/31, Welch) reports on its website that the change brings the WHO’s recommendations in line with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines.